Changing pACE is an opportunities newsletter that serves as a resource to the Castilleja Community.

Please note that we have not verified all aspects of liability, insurance, or curriculum with opportunities unaffiliated with Castilleja

Our team:


About Us

Changing pACE is a team of students dedicated to connecting Castilleja students and alumnae to opportunities that best fit their interests and needs. Our mission is to make finding and pursuing your passions accessible and easy for you. We make this possible through the publication of this website ( and a bi-weekly newsletter.

We highlight opportunities in four categories:

Events | Programs | Volunteer | Internship/Jobs

  1. EVENTS encompass all competitions, conferences, and one-day and two-day classes.

  2. PROGRAMS include ongoing classes and summer programs.

  3. VOLUNTEER shows any events or recurrent opportunities to volunteer.

  4. INTERNSHIPS/JOBS are unpaid and paid internships or jobs in any field.

Since we know that your interests are more specific than these four categories, we’ve created additional tags that you can use to refine your search of opportunities:

Eligibility: Middle School, High School, Alumae

Events: Competitions, Conferences, Class

Arts: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Writing, Law, Activism

STEM: Science, Medicine, Research, Engineering, Math, Computer Science

Programs: Summer, School Year, Pre-College

Volunteer: 1-day, Recurrent

Internship/Job: Paid, Unpaid

Location: Bay Area, US, Abroad

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