Learning Home Volunteer Summer Intern

Learning Home Volunteer Summer Intern


About Learning Home Volunteers

Learning Home Volunteers is a newly formed non-profit seeking to end the kindergarten readiness gap in under-served communities in San Mateo County, California. Children in under-served communities do not start school on parity and most never catch up. Learning Home Volunteers aims to ensure that all children get an equal start at school.

As a summer intern for Learning Home Volunteers, you will be embedded as a full-time/part-time member of our executive team, preparing for our service launch of our first full cohort of under-served preschool children. You will be paired with a mentor and manager and will be responsible for:

·        creating the keystone of our tutoring resources, the lending learning activity library. This project includes: preparation of learning activities, setup the systems around the library (inventory, check-in/out, and organization), boxing and shelving the learning activities.

·        Administering the intake process for the families we serve and the volunteers who will serve them

·        Community outreach to other organizations and influential people. This will include doing research, setting up meetings/events, and making presentations.

Why does Learning Home Volunteers Need You?

We believe every child should get an equal start at school. With our help, they can enter kindergarten on parity with non low-income families. We want our launch to go smoothly and get to the business of serving in September. With your help we will be not only prepared but have solid infrastructure in place to support our volunteers and families.

Why do you need Learning Home Volunteers?

·        Want impact? You are going to make a difference. The work you do will enable Learning Home Volunteers change the trajectory of a child's life. In our community, 80% of low-income children enter school unprepared. At 3rd grade, 73% are below grade level. With early intervention, we can change this dismal path.

·        Want ownership? You are empowered to drive your projects - ask questions, solve problems, own the results. You learn, grow, and hone your skills.

·        Want mentorship? You will be paired with a skilled executive who will stand by to help you grow.

·        Want real world experience? You are a full-time member of our team. During your time here, you will see an organization born. Daily standups? You in it. Important meeting? You are there. This experience immerses you into the non-profit work with all the work, fun, and glory.


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