Keeping pACE brings alive the stories behind the experiences and opportunities provided by Changing pACE. By “Keeping pACE,” you will find yourself inspired to take advantage of all that Changing pACE has to offer.

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Hear about the ways Casti students spend their summers in the second feature of Keeping pACE! Four Casti students shared their experiences from the past summer in communities as local as East Palo Alto and as global as South Africa and China. As we all start planning for summer 2019, we hope this podcast inspires you to consider a few new ideas of how to connect your adventures to themes we focus on as a school!

Castilleja’s 2018 - 2019 Activist-in-Residence, Alexandra Acker-Lyons, inspires youth across the country to engage in the political process and civil discourse. “Keeping pACE” with Al all year long will take stamina; she’s a busy social change agent. Keep checking Changing pACE to find your opportunities to engage in local, state-wide, and national political initiatives.